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Financial PLanning for women

Woman-Centric Financial Planning

Charney Investment Group recognizes that women face specific financial challenges and have unique financial goals.

Some of the particular life circumstances women face include the facts that: women live longer than men; women earn less than men; women are more conservative with their money; women tend to experience a decline in lifestyle post-divorce. Finally, and most crucially, women tend to defer their finances to a male partner, which may leave them vulnerable later in life.

Women must be attentive to their own financial plans. Our Financial Advisor, Sarah White, takes the lead on getting to know our female clients and discovering what matters to them. Sarah emphasizes pro-active financial planning and works with women to identify their objectives as they move through the world of work to retirement and beyond. If you're a woman who has neglected to develop your own financial plan, the time is now to develop a strategy for the future.